Hantritt by Justin Placek

Justin Placek is specialized handcraft manufactures who restored countless classic Porsche and Mercedes-Benz interiors.

In the restoration process of classic Porsche interiors it was and it is never only about bringing the old beauty back, it is a lot of times about to create something unique and extraordinary for the customer and so Design played an increasingly important role. Now finding the best leather, silk and fabrics and use it to create something beautiful is a main part.

Over the years we have seen so many beautiful materials in classic interiors with beautiful pattern, colors and styles. This materials and so the interior represent next to the design of the body the spirit of the time epoch of this classic cars.

The vision of Justin Placek is to bring this spirit of the beauty and of the driving of a classic Porsche or Mercedes-Benz into fashion.

So the brand Hantritt was born!

The obsession into details, beautiful design and quality handcraft in the restoration process of classic Porsche interiors is now finding in bespoke, unique fashion pieces.

Take a look how we care about quality and details of classic Porsche interiors and you will see the same passion in our handcrafted leather jackets and Accessoires.

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The Hantritt concept

Bring the spirit and the beauty of driving a classic Porsche or Mercedes-Benz into fashion throughout exclusive, handmade, top quality raedy to wear and bespoke apparel & accessories.

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